Bend, OR
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Chalked. Creative is a hand lettering service specializing in liquid chalk for display boards for various functions, especially weddings and events! Our boards are available for rental, leaving you one less thing to worry about during your special day as we do drop off and pick up, or you can provide your own boards! Chalked. Creative also provides custom lettering for gifts, commemorative items, and even designs invitations!

“Kristen’s Chalked Creative embodies the perfect blend of personal and professional connection. And quite simply, her work speaks for itself. Beautiful. Creative. Exactly what you want!”

- Kristen Carstens

“Kristen did an amazing job on our office wall! She worked super fast and was very easy to work with. We (Inbound Fit) highly recommend her and will be definitely referring work to her in the future.”

- Andre Guerra

“Kristen Buwalda is an incredible artist and also an amazing business women. She has come up with such a cool way to be creative and deliver something that brides love having at their wedding. I don’t know what they did before she was here. I see her work EVERYWHERE. Its quite ornate and beautiful and every board is original and creative. I hired her to make some boards for my original music project, as well as my wedding trio The Ashlings. She has done incredible work and delivered it in a very professional manner. You definitely want chalk boards at your wedding!”

- Laurel Brauns

“This woman is a creative genius and a lovely person. Our wedding was on July 12, 2017 and we are not local and live in BC Canada. I stumbled across her work while looking at some photos of Bleu Bite Catering and asked my wedding planner about her. We hired her in a millisecond. Kristen was an absolute dream to work with. She doesn’t even have to meet you and the visions you have for your signage just appear before you in a concept she will send you before your eyes. Our wedding was Disney themed and her signs blew us and the guests away! She did a welcome sign, an unplugged ceremony sign, a dinner menu sign, a sundae bar sign and a drink sign (the drink sign was out of this world amazing, please look her up on Instagram and you will find it I promise). Her communication was excellent and timely. She was super flexible and accommodating with payments and questions we had. Her pricing is beyond reasonable in my opinion for the level of expertise in her work. I want to have another event in Sunriver just so I can hire her again!!!!! She even created a custom sign with my best friend as a surprise gift for us to take home as a keepsake. We were ecstatic. Hire this wonderful person, you will not regret it for a second!”

- Kelly Swinimer