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Jun 14, 2022 | Featured Vendors

A destination does not mean you have to settle. We strive to provide the best in local and freshly prepared food for you and your guests in a way that will bring out the best in flavor and presentation. “I believe that food should not be taken lightly, and that if done with pride and respect, the food can bring out it’s own emotions.”-Chef Robert

If your event is small or large it should be for you and your guest to enjoy. Let Back to the Tables provide that full experience of fine dining, or a casual supper by the river. Every dish we create is for our clients. Our chefs will make the meal you want the way you want it. No longer feel that you have to “choose” from one menu and settle for that. Let us customize your menu and your experience to suite you and your personality and style.


Central Oregon has an amazing resource pool of fresh farmed produce, as well as locally raised beef, poultry, lamb and pork. The region also offers more exotic meats like deer, elk , bison, and yak. With such vast array of offerings, our chefs have the best options to offer to you, and more variety in choices than you can imagine. Talk to our chefs today.


For me as a chef, the people and personalities I meet in my work are the base of the food and menus I create. I build every menu for my clients based on there wants and wishes. I try to reflect those personalities into the food or menu for each clients needs. I think that food can effect peoples emotions and my goal in every meal. menu and appetizer is to provide the client with the best possible rendition of the food they choose. You wont find menus here to choose from, but rest assured I am happy to create one personally for you and or your event. So if you need great food prepared with passion contact me I would love to make you the best food made with the best products available for your special occasion or private event.

Thank you,

Chef Robert

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