Bend Oregon Marriage License

Marriage License in Bend & Central Oregon

It is so simple to apply for a marriage license in Central Oregon. Get the wedding planning started by learning how to get it! We have the info you need to apply for your license today.

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Embarking on the journey of obtaining your marriage license in Central Oregon is a straightforward yet essential step to officially seal your commitment. Whether you’re in bustling Bend, Oregon, the scenic beauty of Redmond, the quaint charm of Sisters, or any other picturesque locale in Deschutes County, Jefferson County, or Crook County, the process is relatively uniform.

Deschutes County Marriage License

In the city of Bend, Sisters, Sunriver or La Pine, obtaining your marriage license is a relatively straightforward and easy process. Head to the Deschutes County Clerk’s office, where both partners must appear in person. Bring a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID. The fee varies but is generally in the range of $60 to $70. The marriage license is typically issued on the spot, making it a swift process.

Jefferson County Marriage License

In the charming area of Madras, within Jefferson County, the process is similar. Both partners need to visit the Jefferson County Clerk’s office, bringing valid photo identification. The marriage license fee is comparable, and the license is usually issued promptly. It’s advisable to check the specific requirements and fees closer to your wedding date, as they may be subject to change.

Crook County Marriage License

For those planning their nuptials in the rustic beauty of the Prineville area, the Crook County Clerk’s office is where you’ll obtain your marriage license. Both individuals should be present, armed with proper identification, and the fee is typically consistent with neighboring counties. The marriage license is generally issued on the spot, but it’s wise to check for any updates or changes.

Timing and Additional Information

It’s crucial to note that there is a waiting period after obtaining your marriage license before the ceremony can take place—typically three days. However, some counties may offer waivers for this waiting period under certain circumstances. Check with the county clerk’s office to be sure.

Keep in mind that your marriage license is valid for a specific duration, usually around 60 days, so plan accordingly. Ensure you have all required documentation and fees ready to streamline the process. With the breathtaking landscapes of Central Oregon as your backdrop, obtaining your marriage license becomes a seamless step in the journey towards your wedding day.

Once you’ve obtained your marriage license, you can further simplify the process by having your wedding officiant take care of the licensing details. Many officiants are well-versed in the legal aspects of marriages and can submit the necessary paperwork on your behalf. This alleviates any potential stress and ensures that all the documentation is handled professionally and in a timely manner. Discuss this option with your chosen officiant to make your wedding experience is even more seamless and enjoyable.

Central Oregon stands as an idyllic backdrop for exchanging vows, making it the perfect place to say “I do.” From the majestic peaks of the Cascade Range to the serene beauty of high desert landscapes, Central Oregon offers a diverse array of stunning settings for your wedding. Imagine the sun setting over the Deschutes River in Bend, or the rustic charm of a ceremony amidst the ponderosa pines in Sisters. The region’s natural beauty provides endless opportunities for breathtaking outdoor ceremonies, capturing the essence of romance and creating unforgettable memories. With its vibrant communities, charming towns, and a wealth of outdoor activities, Central Oregon not only offers a picturesque setting but also provides an incredible destination for celebrating love, making it an ideal and enchanting location to begin your lifelong journey together.

Crook County Clerk

300 NE 3rd St. Rm. 23
Prineville, OR 97754
(541) 447-6553

Deschutes County Clerk

1300 NW Wall St. Ste. 200
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 388-6549

Jefferson County Clerk

66 SE D St. Suite C, Courhouse Annex A
Madras, OR 97741
(541) 475-4451