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Childcare providers and babysitters in Bend and Central Oregon.

Your wedding day is almost here! Your guest list is finalized, and all the small details are sorted out. Everything is in place to guarantee your guests have a wonderful time at your wedding. If there will be children in attendance, why not hire a childcare provider to ensure they have a great time, while allowing the adults to mingle? Central Oregon’s sitters can provide a safe atmosphere for the children to engage in fun activities with other kids during the wedding. Sitters can provide artwork activities, games, educational toys and books, and outdoor activities to keep the little ones occupied. Bend’s babysitting professionals will provide care at your wedding venue, so you can enjoy the festivities without worry.

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In addition to wedding-day services, Bend’s childcare providers can assist you with your babysitting needs during the planning process. Do you have a cake-tasting appointment, or a dress fitting scheduled? From meetings with vendors, to attending bachelor and bachelorette parties, we have the babysitting services to help! You might just want a couple of quiet hours to yourself to unwind and decompress among all the stress. Whatever your needs, a babysitter will allow you to check off the items on your to-do list while the kids are attended to.

Childcare Bliss: Ensuring Little Smiles Amidst Your Big Day in Central Oregon

Planning a wedding in the enchanting landscapes of Bend or anywhere in Central Oregon is a dream come true, but what about the littlest guests? We understand that your wedding day is a family affair, and ensuring the comfort and happiness of the children in attendance is paramount. That’s why Central Oregon Weddings is here to guide you on finding trusted childcare during weddings and events throughout the region.

Safety First

When it comes to childcare during events, safety is our top priority. We partner with licensed and experienced childcare providers in Bend and beyond who adhere to the highest safety standards. Ensuring a secure environment allows parents to enjoy the celebration with peace of mind, knowing their children are in capable hands.

Trusted Childcare

Our directory features a curated list of trusted babysitters and childcare services throughout Central Oregon. These professionals are not only skilled in providing age-appropriate entertainment but also in fostering a warm and caring environment. From crafts to games, they ensure that children have a delightful time while the adults revel in the festivities.

Reasons to Have a Childcare Area

1. Guest Comfort: A dedicated childcare area ensures that parents can fully immerse themselves in the celebration without worrying about their children’s needs. It creates a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

2. Uninterrupted Ceremonies: For ceremonies that require a serene environment, having a separate childcare area ensures that the little ones can play and have fun without interrupting the main event.

3. Kid-Friendly Fun: From age-appropriate games to engaging activities, a childcare area provides children with a space designed just for them, making the overall experience enjoyable for young guests.

4. Evening Celebrations: If your wedding extends into the evening, a childcare area allows parents to stay longer and enjoy the festivities without concerns about tired or bored children.

5. Inclusive Celebrations: A childcare area promotes inclusivity by accommodating families with young children, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, can partake in the joyous occasion.

In Central Oregon, where the landscape is as diverse as the couples tying the knot, our commitment to family-friendly celebrations ensures that every member of your guest list, big and small, feels the love. Choose Central Oregon Weddings for a comprehensive guide to creating unforgettable moments for every generation at your special event.

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Snappy Sitters

Kaja Caravelli
(541) 419-0997

Bend Snappy Sitters is a babysitting referral company that caters to Bend, Oregon and the surrounding communities, including Sunriver, Black Butte Ranch, Brasada, Redmond, and Sisters. All sitters have clean backgrounds, CPR certification, reliable transportation AND are “mom approved.” Our team is currently 35 sitters strong so we can accommodate last minute and high volume requests.
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Starshine, LLC

Camp Sherman, OR 97730
(541) 645-0688
Starshine offers premium childcare during wedding festivities, brightening them for kids and their families. Kids play games, dress up, make crafts, go on treasure hunts, perform magic tricks, listen to stories, sing songs, and when needed are tucked into bed so adults can fully enjoy the wedding experience. We provide a screen-free, outdoor (when possible), and unique experience for kiddos. Starshine will travel to the most wedding venues in Central Oregon. Starshine will create a custom experience based on your needs. We carefully craft activities for any group and number of kiddos ages 0+.

Keeka's Kiddoz, LLC. Nanny Placement Agency (Child Care)

63341 Brody Lane
Bend, OR 97701
(503) 550-3139