Each flower possesses a special meaning.

Thousands of years ago, people began using floriography (the language of flowers) as a means of communication. During the Victorian Era this method was revived because there were many sentiments a person couldn’t voice aloud for propriety’s sake. When I discovered the language of flowers and all the beauty it conveys, I knew I had to become fluent in floriography and share it with the world.

It is my aim, as the industry’s first “floriographer”, to bring this romantic method of communication back. I use elements of the Victorian flower language, and also pull from Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and other cultures’ myths – as well as Nature herself – to derive a flower’s meaning.

My name is Morgan Marie. I’ve always been interested in art, and flowers are my medium of choice. I am an FDI Certified Wedding Specialist, certified by the Floral Design Institute – the most respected floral design school in the world. As a young child, I, like many children, picked dandelion and other “weed” bouquets for my mom. Making wishes and blowing the dandelion seeds was also a favorite pastime. I drew flowers all over everything, and since I was a kid with little talent in drawing, I became quite proud of my flowers. I love telling stories with the bounty Nature provides.

My progenitors came to America from Scandinavia. For this reason, I chose a Swedish word for my business name: “Blomstra” means “bloom” or “flourish”. To me, this translation not only refers to flowers, but to people as well. I believe we as humans flourish and bloom when we love and are loved in return.

When I’m not designing beautiful arrangements,
I spend time with my husband and sweet daughters (all of whom love flowers and plants as well)
…and yes, I still wish on dandelions.

Photography Credit:
Kimberly Kay Photography, Zotti | Art Alive and Cody Cha Photography

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