Top Photo – K. Gabrielle Photography

Looking through photos from the last season’s weddings has me inspired and excited for what this year has to come. I work with clients of all styles and personalities, planners and event designers who also cover a broad spectrum of aesthetics. Some clients have specific ideas, others don’t know where to start. We get excited to have an influence on the overall design whether we are styling the event, or just contributing that little extra bling.

However the big picture evolves into those juicy details on your big day, we want you to get that giddy feeling when it all comes together.

If you are still in your planning process, and still need to add those finishing details, our decor selection has been growing to cater to current and future trends. We urge you to schedule a mock-up with us. Why wouldn’t you want to play around and get your look just right?

Here are some weddings and events that will be sure to have you equally inspired!

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