Five Pine Lodge Brochure Cover 2022

FivePine Lodge & Conference Center

Oregon Bride Magazine Top 10
Real Weddings of 2016
1021 Desperado Trail
Sisters, OR 97759
(541) 585-2647

Towering Pines provide a romantic backdrop for your perfect day. Surrounded by nature and Summer wildflowers, or a quiet, sparkling dusting of snow in Winter. Craftsman Style indoor reception space with stone fireplaces provides a perfect canvas for your vision. Personal guidance from booking to completion; locally inspired catering; and professional service staff are all hallmarks of the FivePine experience!
– Voted “Runner Up” for best Conference Venue in Oregon by NW Meetings & Events
– Ranked 5th on TripAdvisor’s Top 25 hotels in the U.S.

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FivePine Lodge & Spa: A Central Oregon Oasis for Unforgettable Weddings

Nestled in the charming town of Sisters, Oregon, FivePine Lodge & Spa stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of rustic elegance and natural beauty. This haven in the heart of Central Oregon is not just a lodge and spa; it’s an enchanting venue that transforms dreams into reality. Specifically tailored for couples in search of an idyllic wedding venue, FivePine’s Elda Teresa Event Center promises a magical setting for celebrations of all sizes, in any season.

A Picturesque Backdrop: The Elda Teresa Event Center

FivePine Lodge & Spa’s Elda Teresa Event Center is a canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of your love story. Whether you envision exchanging vows next to the wildflower pond, surrounded by towering Ponderosa pines, or prefer the warmth of the towering fireplace inside the Event Center, FivePine offers versatile indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony and reception. The charm of this venue lies not only in its picturesque surroundings but also in its ability to accommodate up to 200 guests, ensuring that no detail of your special day is overlooked.

Versatility for Every Season: A Destination Year-Round

FivePine Lodge & Spa prides itself on being a year-round destination, offering couples the flexibility to choose the season that resonates with their love story. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of spring, the warm embrace of summer, the crisp air of fall, or the snow-kissed enchantment of winter, the Elda Teresa Event Center provides a backdrop that adapts to the changing beauty of Central Oregon throughout the seasons. Every wedding at FivePine becomes a unique celebration, shaped by the natural elements and the couple’s individual vision.

Luxurious Accommodations: Private Cabins and Hotel Rooms

To complete the immersive experience, FivePine Lodge & Spa offers private luxury cabins and stunning hotel rooms. These accommodations provide not only a comfortable retreat for the newlyweds but also a luxurious haven for guests. Imagine waking up on the morning of your wedding surrounded by the tranquility of Sisters, Oregon, preparing for the day ahead in the midst of nature’s beauty. It’s not just a wedding; it’s a getaway where every moment is designed for relaxation and celebration.

Beyond the Ceremony: Amenities for Every Desire

FivePine Lodge & Spa goes beyond the ceremony, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding experience is unforgettable. Take a dip in the beautiful swimming pool or soak in the hot tub, providing a serene interlude amidst the festivities. Free cruiser bikes are available for those who wish to explore the quaint town of Sisters, adding a touch of adventure to the celebration. Additionally, being right next to the Three Creeks Brewing Company and the iconic Sisters Theater adds an extra layer of convenience, offering entertainment and libations within arm’s reach.

Crafting Memories in Sisters, Oregon

For couples in search of a wedding venue that encapsulates the beauty of Central Oregon, FivePine Lodge & Spa’s Elda Teresa Event Center is the quintessential choice. With its captivating surroundings, year-round versatility, luxurious accommodations, and an array of amenities, FivePine transforms weddings into unforgettable celebrations. Sisters, Oregon becomes not just a destination but a magical backdrop where love stories unfold against the canvas of nature’s splendor. Let FivePine Lodge & Spa be the setting where your wedding dreams come alive, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.