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Heirlooms and Co. is a unique custom furniture and details rental boutique. Designed to meet all your needs & desires on your special day, we are so much more than just a specialty rental company.
Founded on the love of a mother for her daughter, built by her hands, and tears wiped away as she walked her down the aisle. That very same mom has expanded that love into creating personal and elegant experiences one piece at a time. Inspire me with your vision and expand our inventory to your specifications, this is what makes my heart sing. From small-scale details to the most beloved event, we look forward to making your dreams come true with a pleasant, stress-free experience personalized to fit your special day.

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Timeless Elegance: Discovering Unique Wedding Rentals with Heirlooms & Co. in Bend, Oregon

In the enchanting city of Bend, Oregon, where the beauty of the outdoors meets the charm of rustic elegance, there exists a wedding rental haven that transcends the ordinary. Heirlooms & Co., a name synonymous with vintage allure and unparalleled uniqueness, is not just a rental company – it’s an invitation to infuse your wedding with distinctive character and timeless charm.

The Unveiling of Heirlooms & Co.: Crafting Unforgettable Moments

As couples embark on the journey of planning their dream wedding, the search for the perfect rentals becomes a quest for pieces that echo the essence of their unique love story. Heirlooms & Co., based in Bend, Oregon, stands as a testament to the art of curating vintage wedding details, furniture, tables, chairs, linens, and more, offering couples a bespoke experience that extends beyond the ordinary.

Vintage Allure, Modern Flair: The Unique Offerings of Heirlooms & Co.

What sets Heirlooms & Co. apart is their commitment to providing not just rentals but pieces that tell a story. From intricately designed vintage furniture that whispers of a bygone era to tables and chairs that blend seamlessly with Bend’s rustic charm, their inventory is a treasure trove of unique and custom rentals. Each piece, carefully curated, invites couples to weave a narrative that is uniquely their own.

Crafting Your Vision: Custom Rentals for Weddings and Private Events

Heirlooms & Co. understands that weddings are personal, and their offerings reflect this understanding. The company prides itself on providing more than just a catalog of items; they offer an experience where couples can tailor their rentals to match the vision they have for their special day. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired lounge area, custom linens that echo a particular color palette, or unique details that reflect the couple’s personality, Heirlooms & Co. transforms dreams into tangible, timeless realities.

Vintage Whispers, Timeless Echoes: The Art of Storytelling Through Rentals

Every wedding tells a story, and Heirlooms & Co. believes that the rentals should be an integral part of that narrative. The vintage allure of their pieces adds a layer of charm that elevates the entire wedding experience. From intricately patterned linens to carefully restored furniture that boasts character and history, each rental is a piece of a larger puzzle, contributing to the creation of an atmosphere that is both enchanting and enduring.

Beyond Rentals: A Partner in Creating Memories

Heirlooms & Co. is more than just a rental company; it’s a partner in the creation of memories that last a lifetime. The team at Heirlooms & Co. understands the significance of every detail in a wedding and approaches each event with a dedication to excellence. From the initial consultation to the meticulous set-up and take-down, couples can rest assured that their vision will be brought to life with the utmost care and professionalism.

Elevating Your Wedding Experience in Bend, Oregon: Heirlooms & Co.

For couples searching for wedding rentals in Bend, Oregon, Heirlooms & Co. offers not just a service but an opportunity to infuse their celebration with a touch of vintage magic. The unique and custom offerings create an ambiance that is as individual as the love story being celebrated. With Heirlooms & Co., couples can step into a world where every detail is a piece of history, and the celebration becomes a timeless heirloom.