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K & K Garden View Estate

24885 Dodds Rd.
Bend, OR 97701
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K&K Garden View Estate is a beautifully enchanting wedding and special event facility perfect for the celebration you’ve planned for a lifetime. The 1.5 acres of landscaped gardens and perfectly manicured lawns in addition to the unsurpassed panoramic mountain views makes for the perfect location for the special occasion of your dreams. K&K Garden View Estate is Central Oregon’s premier outdoor wedding and reception facility.

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K&K Garden View Estate: A Picturesque Haven for Unforgettable Events in Bend, Oregon

Nestled just minutes away from downtown Bend, Oregon, the K&K Garden View Estate emerges as a hidden gem, a sprawling 40-acre ranch that effortlessly blends natural beauty with event sophistication. With panoramic views overlooking lush green irrigated fields and iconic peaks such as Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Jefferson, K&K Garden View Estate offers an idyllic outdoor setting for those seeking a picturesque backdrop for their special occasions.

A Panorama of Splendor: The Unrivaled Views

What sets K&K Garden View Estate apart is its breathtaking panorama. Stretching over hundreds of acres, the landscape unfolds like a canvas of tranquility, with Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Jefferson standing tall in the distance. This awe-inspiring backdrop lends a touch of magic to weddings and events, creating a setting where nature’s grandeur seamlessly complements the celebration at hand.

Capturing Timeless Moments: The Landscaped Beauty

At the heart of K&K Garden View Estate lies 1.5 acres of meticulously landscaped beauty. Three ponds and two streams weave through the estate, creating a serene and picturesque environment. This carefully crafted landscape not only adds to the visual appeal of the venue but also provides countless opportunities for capturing timeless moments. Every step within the estate is a potential photograph, ensuring that weddings held here are not just events but visual stories of love and celebration.

Versatility and Elegance: Amenities for Every Occasion

K&K Garden View Estate prides itself on being capable of hosting events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. The venue boasts undercover seating for up to 270 guests, with the flexibility to accommodate larger groups by easily incorporating tents for additional coverage. The thoughtful provision of dressing rooms for the entire wedding party ensures that every moment leading up to the ceremony is both convenient and comfortable.

Convenience extends beyond the ceremony itself. The estate features conveniently located bathrooms, sparing guests from unnecessary travel and ensuring that every aspect of the event is seamlessly executed. Ample parking adds another layer of convenience, allowing guests to arrive and depart with ease, ensuring that the focus remains on the celebration rather than logistical challenges.

Convenient Proximity: A Sanctuary Near the City

Beyond its natural charm, K&K Garden View Estate offers the added advantage of being conveniently close to downtown Bend. This proximity ensures that your wedding guests can seamlessly transition from the tranquility of the estate to the vibrant energy of the city, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The ease of access makes K&K Garden View Estate not only a picturesque haven but also a practical choice for those seeking the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban convenience for their special celebration in Bend, Oregon.

Where Nature and Celebration Converge

In the heart of Bend, Oregon, K&K Garden View Estate stands as a testament to the perfect marriage of nature’s beauty and event elegance. Whether exchanging vows against a backdrop of cascading streams or toasting beneath the panoramic views of majestic peaks, this venue provides more than just a location—it provides an experience. The carefully curated landscape, versatile amenities, and unrivaled views make K&K Garden View Estate a canvas upon which your dreams of a perfect event come to life. As you embark on the journey of planning your special day, consider the tranquil splendor of K&K Garden View Estate, where nature and celebration converge in a symphony of beauty and joy.