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Hi I’m Megan a wedding photographer based in Bend, Oregon. Using the already-stunning natural backdrops found throughout Bend, Oregon, I shoot intimate weddings and adventurous elopements, using natural light, in organic settings… inviting the most authentic, romantic, gorgeous moments possible.

My husband and I hired Megan to be our wedding photographer in 2018. We had a very intimate wedding weekend with just our immediate family members and it was very important to us that we had professional photos of our day. As our wedding was so small, we were nervous that it would be awkward to have someone there photographing us, but Megan felt like family! Prior to our wedding, she and I had several phone conversations to get to know each other and get a plan in place. She was always so kind, both over the phone and in person. We had a small engagement shoot together, which turned out beautifully and had us so excited to work with Megan for our wedding. She was always very prompt and clear in her communication, which took the weight of worrying off my shoulders. She was also FUN to work with and knows how to get even the most camera-shy people to look happy to be in front of a lens! The shots that Megan captured from our day is everything we could have asked for, and more. I simply can not recommend Megan and her work enough!
- Jamie & Kevin

Megan was the most crucial component to our wedding day, we could NOT have done it without her! Words cannot even come close to thanking her. She actually travelled across the country to photograph our wedding which is something I find a lot of photographers cannot or won’t do. She was so fun and easy to work with. Having a stranger photograph the most important day of your life is incredibly intimidating especially for introverted people like me. But she felt more like a friend than a stranger because she made us all feel so comfortable right off the bat! From our initial virtual meeting, to literally running between hotel rooms for our getting ready photos, to the ceremony and formal photos afterwards – Megan was there to capture all the little and big moments. On top of it all, her work is absolutely outstanding and feels so personable to us as a couple. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and am so happy with the photographs we are lucky enough to look back on.
- Cheyenne & Nick

Hands down one of the best professionals that I have worked with. Megan made my wife and I feel comfortable and safe throughout the whole photo shoot. Megan listens to her customers and puts them first. My wife and I were looking for a photographer that had a keen eye for capturing candid moments rather than staged and Megan delivered. We absolutely adore our pictures and are glad we chose Megan to capture this magical moment for us. Megan was also extremely patient and understanding while planning during uncertain times. If you are looking for a photographer that will always prioritize you, go above and beyond, and will make you feel like you have been friends since high school, then Megan is who you are looking for. Thank you again Megan for being amazing!
- Junior & Grace

Megan made our wedding photography experience amazing. She was so easy going, friendly, and helpful to make sure we got all the photos we wanted to remember our special day forever. Our photos look so natural, which is what we wanted. They display who we are as a couple, not staged looking. I would recommend her for any photography needs you have! Thank you Megan!!!
- Ashley & Dan

Meg did our wedding photos and she knocked them out of the park! Her eye for capturing breathtaking photos that you will cherish forever is incredible! She is so personable and fun to work with! She was also a huge help with the flow and timeline of our wedding. Honestly she does it all, she felt like our wedding planner and it nice to have her support! I would definitely use her for future photography.
- Kayla & Jacob

All of the photographs from our wedding are absolutely beautiful! Megan captured every moment in such a beautiful and natural manner. Each time I look back at my wedding pictures I literally feel like I am reliving every aspect of my wedding day.
- Laura & Michael

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Capturing Love and Adventure: Meg Cole Photos in Bend, Oregon

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Bend, Oregon, Meg Cole Photos stands as an epitome of capturing cherished moments in the most organic, intimate, and romantic way possible. Specializing in weddings, engagements, and portraits, Meg Cole Photos has mastered the art of immortalizing love stories in the midst of Central Oregon’s captivating natural beauty.

A Passion for Intimacy and Adventure

Meg Cole Photos specializes in shooting intimate weddings and adventurous elopements. Using natural light and organic settings, Meg crafts a visual narrative that encapsulates the most authentic, romantic, and breathtaking moments. Her approach goes beyond simply taking photos—it’s about weaving a story through the lens, immortalizing the essence of love and adventure in every shot.

Central Oregon: A Wedding Wonderland

The allure of weddings in Central Oregon lies not just in the promises exchanged but also in the stunning backdrop the landscape offers. The region is a treasure trove of natural beauty, boasting an array of breathtaking settings—from majestic mountain vistas to serene lakes, dense forests, and open meadows. The beauty of Central Oregon provides the perfect canvas for couples looking to create everlasting memories.

Picture-Perfect Settings

In addition to the natural beauty, Central Oregon is adorned with an array of resorts, hotels, parks, and other picturesque locations that serve as perfect backdrops for capturing the essence of love and commitment. From luxurious resorts with stunning landscapes to charming parks and the quaint downtown area, there’s a diverse range of settings that elevate the charm of wedding photography.

Meg Cole Photos: Capturing the Essence

What sets Meg Cole Photos apart is Meg’s ability to harmonize the natural splendor of Central Oregon with the emotions and intimacy of the couples she works with. Her talent lies in not just taking pictures but in curating moments, freezing time in the most beautiful and heartfelt manner.

Serving Central Oregon’s Love Stories

While based in Bend, Meg Cole Photos extends its services throughout the entire Central Oregon area. Whether it’s the vibrant streets of Bend, the mountainous terrains of Sisters, the stunning landscapes of Redmond, or the captivating views of Sunriver, Meg is available to capture love stories amidst the diverse backdrops of Central Oregon.

A Visual Symphony of Love

For couples seeking to immortalize their love amidst the captivating allure of Central Oregon, Meg Cole Photos is more than just a photography service—it’s an invitation to be part of a visual symphony, a celebration of love, adventure, and natural beauty.

Embracing Natural Beauty

In conclusion, Meg Cole Photos encapsulates the essence of weddings and engagements against the backdrop of Central Oregon’s awe-inspiring beauty. Meg’s dedication to preserving love stories in the most intimate and adventurous settings creates imagery that resonates with authenticity, romance, and the enchanting landscape of the region.

For couples dreaming of a wedding or engagement shoot that harmonizes natural beauty, adventure, and the purest emotions, Meg Cole Photos offers a glimpse into an album filled not just with pictures but with moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.