Our specialty is, of course, Oregon Sunstone, our state gemstone! We create wedding and engagement rings, as well as jewelry for the entire wedding party, using this 100% natural native feldspar that is uniquely beautiful and practical for today’s modern life. Shop on-line to see our Sunstone Bridal Collection!

Sunstone Bride Collection

Jewelry That Lasts Forever
Sunstone comes in many colors. The color variety that we have chosen for our Sunstone Bride Collection is the Champagne Sunstone. This Champagne color is not quite white, very brilliant (thanks to our special cutting) and has a glowing neutral warmth that looks beautiful on any skin tone and complimentary with any Bride’s color scheme. We have designed the pieces using solid metals, not plated or overlaid with color, which we feel is not worthy of the occasion. We hand make each piece of jewelry in sterling silver with some options available in gold as well. Sterling silver is very affordable so that everyone in the Wedding Party can have a Sunstone Memento from The Wedding Day that will last forever.

Rarer Than Diamonds: Natural, Sustainable, Mined in Oregon
We love supporting our beautiful state and the local miners that provide our Sunstone crystals. Sunstone was once called the “Plush Diamond”. Named as our state gem in 1987, Sunstone refers to a very specific mineral found in Southeastern Oregon. This gem grade, copper-bearing feldspar is found nowhere else. There are other gems that are similar and sometimes called Sunstone but these are not “Oregon Sunstone” because they lack the copper component. We guarantee the authenticity of our gems. Our close relationship with the mining operations and the miners ensures us that we are only working with the natural, untreated gems from the Oregon high desert.

“Champagne” Sunstone
This is the most abundant color variety found in the Rabbit Basin area of Southeastern Oregon. Having said that, Sunstone is considered to be rarer than Diamond! Our sunstone is only mined in the Southeastern part of Oregon so comes from a relatively small area. Our Champagne Sunstone is especially brilliant due to the concave facets in the pavilion (bottom) of the gem. Many people mistake it for being a diamond. The cost of a 1.00-carat Sunstone is $40 but the average cost of 1.00-carat diamond is 1000 times more expensive that Sunstone!

Know Where Your Gems Come From and What They Are
Our Oregon Sunstone, unlike many gems from other parts of the world, are 100% natural. They aren’t dyed, irradiated, heat treated, fracture filled, stabilized with epoxies, diffusion treated or laser drilled to enhance clarity! Sunstones are also ethically sourced with strict environmental regulations in place that require miners to return their digging areas back to their natural state.