A bit about me: I reside in Oregon at the base of the Wallowa Mountains. It is here I drink hot chocolates with extra whipped cream, year-round. I love to photograph around the PNW and the world, and a new experience plays more of a factor than price when granted the opportunity to adventure somewhere unique for my work. I am truly in love with love. Celebrating it fully and authentically with you both is my first purpose for joining you on the most magical day of your life, all while getting you the photos of your dreams.

As a creative heart with an editorial background, the results will be imaginative, journalistic and a bit surreal. My wish is for you to look back on your wedding photographs and remember every word of your favorite story. It’s a must for me that the photographs I take communicate the emotion, connection, & joy of the day! My favorite part about photographing your wedding is snapping photos on the dance floor and afterwards being forever friends.

Talia Jean

All of Oregon
(503) 708-6945